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In this modern era when one’s frame cracks it seems like too often the first option riders go to is to go on a forum you frequent like Pinkbike or, and foam at the mouth about how shitty the frame is and the company because they didn’t drop everything to do something right now. Or do enough. Before giving the bike company a chance to actually respond to the problem.

Last December I found out that my Planet X Kaffenback frame was cracked while doing a strip down for another project. It wasn’t just a simple crack but in about a year and a half I had broken both chainstays, and so begins the warranty game.

First thing I did after cleaning the cracked areas was I took several photos of the cracked chainstays. This was so that I could show the On-One warranty department what the problem was when I sent the email about the issue. Now this leads us to the dilemma of who do I deal with. Do I go thorough Planet X USA or the On-One/Planet X UK? So to cover all bases I first sent the warranty question to Planet X USA to see if I go through them. My hunch was I had to go through the UK office. This was confirmed by a quick reply from Planet X USA who not only confirmed that but wanted me to keep them in the loop of how this progresses and would help out if needed. I Have to give the Planet X USA crew credit for not simply responding with an email and walking away.

That will buff right out

I sent an email to On-One UK with info on the problem and included the photo’s to show the cracked chainstays. And so begins the wait to hear back from their warranty guys on what was the next step is. In the meantime I posted up on the thread on cross type bikes for anyone who had a Kaffenback to check their chainstays. Would not want anyone to get hurt if they had the same problem with their frame.

After 2 weeks with no reply remembering that Planet X USA had asked to be kept I the loop and would help if needed. I emailed them to see if there was another email or if there was a name of someone who I should be directly contacting. They replied that it seemed unusual for 2 weeks with no reply and would query from their end. About 4 days later got an email from Planet X USA that said their head guy was currently in the UK office and would look in to it for me. About 24 hours later received an email from On-One UK asking for further photos as it seems the initial emails where lost. Good thing I planned ahead and had a whole bunch available. So sent them off again and 2 days later received confirmation that I was able to get a warranty.

Farewell……can’t say passing was sorrowful

Only other requirement was I had to provide proof I had cut the Kaffenback into two pieces so it couldn’t be ridden again after being fixed. Which of course I did. And after further going back and forth was able to have them agree to giving a Inbred 29r frame instead for the warranty.

Future 29er

So in the end after about 6-8 weeks of back and forth as well as a fee to our government I received my Inbred 99r frame. No venom foaming posts on a forum needed to get action. Just some steady work.

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