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Having not yet mastered the craft of changing a tube using the ‘hands-only’ method, tire levers come in handy when a tire goes flat. I never leave home without them…until a few weeks ago when on a morning bike commute to work I got a flat and discovered my tire levers were not in my pannier. It took a 45 minute walk-a-bike to work and an hour wait until the LBS opened to have a simple solution pointed out to me.

Not all tire levers have the right shape | Photo: Ina Hunt | Hands: Craig Hunt

Not all tire levers have the right shape | Photo: Ina Hunt | Hands: Craig Hunt

The quick release levers on my bike had thin, flat ends – the perfect substitute for tire levers! I took this tip home and gave it a try; they worked great. This now seems such an obvious solution (a quick survey amongst friends revealed that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know this tip). Good to know that I’ve got built in tire levers on both my bikes, just in case.

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Adventure. Freedom. Great people. These are the best things I’ve experienced in my 16 years of mountain biking. British Columbia, Canada is my backyard and I’ve travelled to almost every corner of it. Road trips keep me happy and trailside berry buffets and star-filled nights by the campfire make it even better. I ride full suspension mostly, sometimes HT and am intrigued by fat biking.

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