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Like anyone who rides bikes there is always the endless discussion of gear, bikes, and what do you carry in your pack. This year we replaced our Passat with a SUV for reasons that are far more numerous to explain. Yet in the end ended up with a vehicle better suited to riding and adventure. But how much do we think and discuss what gear for the vehicle?

Of course I hadn’t done anything even though I had thought about setting up some gear to always leave in the vehicle. It was only after just getting the Escape I went to help at a race when the reality of needing stuff smacked me upside the head. Arriving in a town to stay in a lousy hotel. And it being late that other than Tim’s there is not much in the way of food options. And with no utensils plate, and such going to Wal Mart is out.

Whats in your SUV

After that I put the effort in. Of course I went in the tool bag with some bike tools for road trips with bike tools as well as if necessary to change tires. Or whatever. Of course I have to put in the collapsible chair for post ride relaxing before driving as well as much better for changing shoes pre ride. It was on the next trip to Ottawa for a week and staying in a hotel room for 4 days that put emphasis on the eating part. 4 days in a hotel room with the ability to not eat at restaurants. Only problem? Hard to do that without forks or a simple bowl to use. After a trip to Canadian Tire the beginning of creating more of a bin for road trips and even just eating at the trail head.

Whats in your SUV1

Of course this is all still a work in progress as it takes time to buy this stuff. Like bike parts you can’t just stroll into a store and buy it without a plan. There is Titanium, Aluminium, plastic, and Stainless Steel to choose from. And many sources to get hem from including in some cases direct from Asia where pretty much it is all made anyways.

As I said in the beginning. With getting the SUV I was no more putting off getting a better road trip kit. And is still being put together. So will go into more detail later during the winter.

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