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Brett tipped over

Mountain biking is an interesting sport, a unique sport, and a multi-dimensional hobby. With a great deal of mechanical strategy, physical training, mental fortitude, and technique it is easy to get caught up in these intricacies, allowing them to consume you. Add some sunglasses, a set of ear buds, a heavily trafficked trail and it is easy to forget we are in nature, we are on a journey, and we are creating an experience. Without focus and attention to our surroundings we may miss the very beauty of our sport… our surroundings.

Horny Toad

Watch out for the Horny Toad!

Now, I know we all have our moments to “smell the roses”, you know, the ones at the top of the mountain, gorgeous view slapping you in the face and we appreciate it before heading back down. But I find it is just important to keep my head on a swivel for the duration of my ride. Here are a few images of things I have noticed over the past month or so.


Petroglyphs by the side of the trail

I know there are many things I have missed, and the idea of discovering more pushes me to get out and ride even more.

I am sure there are many details, or landmarks you have ridden by a dozen times and never stopped to truly appreciate it. Hopefully this inspires you to slow down and notice these items.

I have found this appreciation will give back, whether it is a enormous horny toad or your buddy tipping over in slow motion. Either way, our sport allows us to spend time in nature, and we should always take time to appreciate our surroundings.


Almost ran over this Millipede!

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