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With the temperatures now around zero on most days. And out comes the first phase of winter riding…knee warmers, wool socks, and of course the old school Roach Indy vest for winter riding. Knowing how winter was last year other questions come to mind.

Do I keep the current mountain bike the Samurai rolling or do I put it to rest for the winter? Sure the Samurai is fun but when it gets colder there isn’t as much to ride. And let us not forget to factor in the road salt.



The problem above all is the lack of patience. Do I wait till I find the rest of the parts I need? Or do I put the Samurai away for the winter but pull a couple of parts I need to get the 29er running for winter? Seems simple. Yet what if the snow takes longer to arrive and I want to ride the Samurai more?

Or That?

Or That?

Doesn’t help to be a over thinker obviously which I am. Many years of endurance sport and Alpine ski racing lends to a bit of over analyzing the options. If there was already a foot of snow this would be a easy process. But I know the snow won’t get here till near Christmas the earliest. Maybe I need a couple more beers to think this over more.

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