The Mountain Bike Life

Whether you’re a total mountain bike enthusiast, a light weight race weenie, or just a casual mountain biker, we all share something in common; a love for the outdoors. It gets easy to let the November druthers sink in; daylight is a hard commodity to come by these days, and the snow has already coated the landscape for many of us. Instead of looking a year as transition through “mountain bike season” to “cold mountain bike season with leaves” to “wait for mountain bike season” then back to “muddy mountain bike season” we should all try to keep busy and enjoy the outdoors.

Queens Ski team

The Queens Ski Team

Cross country skiing is a great way to see the forest from a new perspective, and to keep really fit all winter long. Cross country skiing can be done either skate style or classic style, but skate skiing requires groomed trails where classic skiing is easy to do wherever there is a base of snow. Unlike bikes, skis can be looked at a lot like a one-time investment. They don’t need the constant upkeep that characterizes every rider’s relationship with their bike, in fact skis just give back their whole life! As a racer, I really appreciate the cardio workout that skiing offers, as well as the leg and upper body exercise during the winter, and the fact that ski falls tend to hurt a lot less than bike falls! I encourage anyone to try skiing in the winter, you’ll certainly enjoy it, and you may make some new friends on the trails.

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