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The past few months have been busy as far as riding goes. While the rest of the world is still deep in their winter hibernation, the first races of the season start next month here in California!

I have been riding a bunch, as can be seen on Strava. However the miles do not come without reason. I have been following a training plan for about 10 weeks now, and I have been really enjoying it. It feels great that every ride has a purpose, and every workout will help me in the long run. I have a long season ahead, so I am very interested in seeing how all of my training will work out in the end.

I am going to start out the season coming up soon with a few local races to get some practice in. Then it’s off to the main series of races I have been doing over the years, the Norcal High School Cycling League. For those that don’t know, the Norcal High School Cycling league is a branch of the bigger National Interscholastic Cycling Association. They run mountain bike races for high school students and now have branches in 15 states!

All of the training will surely pay off sometime this season!

All of the training will surely pay off sometime this season!

Aside from the five high school races, I will be tackling a couple of bigger challenges. Two of my races will be a part of the US Cup Series organized by USA Cycling. These will be an interesting experience for me since there will be a ton of competition. I’m looking forward to seeing how I stack up to the other racers! These races will be topped of in July by the National Championships. This year, Nationals will be here in California at Mammoth Mountain. This will be my first time going to Nationals and seeing what it is like racing with the whole country.

Mixed into my long schedule of cross country races will be a few enduro races. Last year I tackled all five races in the California Enduro Series. Unfortunately I will not be doing the same this year, but I will be at a few of them. The events are really fun so I like to throw a bit of fun into the seriousness of cross country season. THe event that I am most looking forward to is a two day enduro race in Mendocino, a town up the coast from San Francisco. The event promises 6 stages over two days and a ton of fun! I have only done one two day race before, so this will be great fun with great friends!

I can’t wait for the coming season and what each race holds. I always get caught up in day dreaming this time of year since there is so much uncertainty and excitement. I will definitely be writing more about how my season plays out, so I’ll see you then!

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