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Since tearing my ACL, I have been having to make compromises with what I want to do and what I should do. I’ve been having to look for other activities to keep me active but not overdo it. I have surgery scheduled for the end of the month nd my fingers are crossed that it’s not a full ACL reconstruction and only a scope. While cycling is great exercise my physiotherapist and girlfriend would frown upon me doing any aggressive trails or hill climbs. I’ve had to look at my normal riding routes and find new and old areas that are a little more mellow.


The warm weather has melted most of the snow and thawed the trails out. A majority of the trails are still very muddy, ice covered and soft. Some of the higher, better drained and exposed trails are rideable. Do yourself and others a favour and stay off those super muddy lower trails for a few more weeks. As eager as you are to get out there on those really muddy trails, resist the urge. You will rut them up and you aren’t going to have a good time.

With the Easter long weekend here I headed out to Calgary to visit family. We were lucky to have some decent weather and I wanted get out for a family ride. A gorgeous area that I visited last year came to mind. The Glenbow Ranch Bike Trails are a mix of gravel and pavement and are a great spot to take the family out close to the city. Start On Highway #1A heading west out of Calgary. A few kilometres out of Calgary, just east of Cochrane, turn south at the sign marked for Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. It is a few kilometres down a gravel road to the parking lot for the provincial park.


There’s about 20km of trail and lots of easy rolling hills and trails that follow the Bow River. The trails are used by hikers, and families, however, dogs are not allowed off-leash. I really enjoyed the ride and my family from Calgary love bringing people back to these trails for an easy outing in the city. There must have been some very high water levels again this spring as some of the trails had a lot of debris on them.


Hopefully everyone has got their bike dialled in for spring riding as the season is just around the corner.

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