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What Makes Us Different:

We are  a group of mountain bikers who have a passion for the sport and want to share that passion with our readers around the world.

We started The Mountain Bike Life on the foundation of honesty and integrity. We will never use native advertising or promoted posts, we do not feel that is being honest with our readers. We are not here to make a quick buck at your expense, we love this awesome sport and want to get more people excited to ride their bikes.

We will also not just post up the same press releases and videos that everyone else is putting on their site. What you will find on The Mountain Bike Life is 100% original content. We pride ourselves in our honest product reviews and our  lifestyle and opinion articles.

Who Are We:

The Mountain Bike Life consists of authors from all over the world. Each bringing their unique perspectives to the pages of TMTBL. Please click on our photos on the right to learn more about us.

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If social media is your thing you can find us on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. We are proud to have the 2nd largest mountain biking community on Google+.

The Mountain Bike Life

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I am a 41 year old mountain biker who has been riding MTB since the 80's. I have lived many places but now call Victoria BC home, if you ever make it to the area let me know and I will show you the best trails around!

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