The Mountain Bike Life

Category: Beginner


Sweet, you finally made it out on your first ride! But, you realize that something just doesn’t feel exactly like you wanted it to. What now – time to take it back to the shop and get another one? Not quite! Below, you’ll find a few easy tips to make your bike significantly more comfortable to ride — as long as you buy a small multi-tool (~$20), you should be able to do all of this stuff yourself. It may…


It’s a funny thing, this mountain bike life. To choose to love a mountain biker is to choose to love this crazy life. It became very quickly apparent when I met Rivers that he has a passion for mountain biking that was completely missing in my life. And I was pretty sure that if I wanted to see much of him during summer months (oh, I was so naive) I should take an interest in this ‘hobby.’ But I had…

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