I imagine this is where I start to tell you a little bit about me and what makes me tick.

Bobsled Trail, SLC UT (photo by Jeremy)
I have been riding mountain bikes since I was coordinated enough to ride with out training wheels. What a lot of people tend to see as a child's toy or a novelty has essentially dictated the direction of my entire life. I am what most people would consider a career bike mechanic. I have been working in the industry for many years in a wide variety or roles and environments. My jobs, skill set, and life has taken me around the country and even around the world. I love traveling, adventures, and most importantly mountain biking. 

I think riding a mountain bike can really give a person a true taste of freedom and that riding your bike through hand cut single track is one of life's simple pleasures. I feel that heading out on a multi-day off road tour gives a real sense of freedom, adventure and accomplishment. There are so many different aspects of mountain biking, and I love all of them. 

Trail Riding in Hawaii (photo by Robin)

I was born and raised in North Carolina, and now currently live in Salt Lake City Utah; a beautiful place that serves as an amazing home base for any outdoor enthusiast. Living here gives a person the ability to go biking all summer and skiing all winter.  My wife and I are both avid mountain bikers who often go on trips with our bikes in tow to experience new and different single track. Sometimes that is just down south to the world famous Moab, or halfway across the world.

Canyons Resort, Park City UT (photo by Martina)

I am really excited to be a contributor to The Mountain Bike Life. This is my first formal blogging experience and I look forward to hearing about everyone's adventures. After being a mechanic for so long I look forward to having my voice heard in a different venue, one that I hope can be meaningful and fulfilling. I hope that you all enjoy my participation as much as I know I will. 

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