Well, what does one write about themselves?

 I started mountain biking back in 85. Introduced by the coaches at a Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp. And it went from there with who knows how much was spent on parts and frames. So guess that makes me the old man. Don't ask me anything tech about how to use your GPS better and how to   use a computer. But do all sets of creative things to keep my bike rolling.

I'm a definite Dirt Bag with some Retro Grouch tendancies. I still run a thumbshifter simply because it will not die. Have a good self preservation reflex for anything higher then about 2 feet high log rides and bad balance to match. So I prefer to keep my wheels on the ground.

 Of course I wish I could get paid to ride my bike and get free stuff to test. Currently residing in the Ontario mountain bike Mecca called Kingston.

I have done many things and been places with a mountain bike.

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